Terms of Service

It's sad but we felt we should add a little legalese...

  • Only humans please - no automated encode/decode requests. Webcrawlers are welcome as long as they obey the Standard for Robot Exclusion.

  • If you encode a message (either with or without a password) with Spam Mimic and it is somehow decoded or decrypted by your enemy - too bad for you. We assume no responsibility.

  • We try to stay up as much as possible but if an outage on our - or our ISP's part inconveniences you (eg you miss an excellent BBQ because you could not decode a spam-encoded message telling you about it) - sorry. We assume no responsibility.

  • In general, all use of Spam Mimic is at your own risk.

  • Privacy Policy: We do not log the content of messages. We keep access logs (ie what pages were visited) a week for traffic summaries then they are wiped.

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